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Q: How many months does one membership last?

A: Normally 12 months from date of purchase. It does not follow the calendar year.


Q: How much does the membership cost?

A: This may vary from country to country, due to different levels of taxes etc. In Estonia the membership cost is 147 EUR excl.VAT.


Q: Can I choose where to purchase my Hotel Express membership?

A: No, you need to buy it in the country where you have your residence. Attempts of purchasing elsewhere will be forwarded to your local Hotel Express Office.


Q: How many rooms is one card valid for? Can I book for my colleague too?

A: One card is required per room. This means that you cannot book one room for you and one for your colleague, the second person needs a card of his own. Seeing that it only takes 2 or 3 nights at a hotel to make the card worth its own cost – it is really worth recommending Hotel Express to all your colleagues.


Q: How can I make my reservation?

A: Reservation requests can either be placed directly with the hotel you wish to stay at, or you can contact the office where you purchased your membership. They will assist with your booking and send you a written confirmation. Reservations are free of charge. In urgent cases please contact directly the hotel by phone, fax or e-mail. For non-online reservations through Hotel Express booking system should be sent minimum 3 days prior to arrival.


Q: Can I call any Hotel Express office to make a reservation?

A: No, you need to contact your local Hotel Express Office, the office where you purchased your card. The reason is that you have paid the membership fee to that office, and they are therefore responsible for your member service.


Q: Am I guaranteed a 50% discount on all my reservations?

A: No, not guaranteed. The discount is always given subject to expected availability and if a hotel expects to be fully booked for the night in question, they can say no to the discount. It is always up to the hotel to decide whether or not to accept it.


Q: Why would I become a member if I am not guaranteed the discount?

A: Statistics from Hotel Express’ reservation service show that between 80 and 85% of all reservations are accepted at the Hotel Express rates. Getting 50% discount in 8 out of 10 attempts is very good, and a lot of money saved!


Q: Is the cardholder the only person who can use the card?

A: Yes, it is a personalized card and the cardholder needs to be present in the room. No one else is entitled to use the card.


Q: Can I bring my family and get the Hotel Express rate?

A: Most hotels are flexible with regard to accommodating you and your family at the discounted price even if you should need two rooms.


Q: If I purchase the card through the company, can I then use it for private travels?

A: Yes, of course! There are no limitations as to how often you can use the card or to what purpose the travel has. The only restriction is that the cardholder is present and that ID can be shown along with the Hotel Express card, if requested at check-in.


Q: Is the 50% discount applicable at weekend rates too?

A: No, it is always off rack rates. The Hotel Express discount cannot be taken in conjunction with any other offer hotels may have. If you are staying at a hotel in a weekend, then you should ask what is the better rate; Hotel Express or their own special weekend offer.


Q: If my company is interested in several cards for its travelling staff, are there any discounts applicable?

A: The decision on offering a special rate when purchasing several cards will be up to the local Hotel Express office to determine. One is always allowed to negotiate…


Q: Are membership cards renewed automatically or where do I do so?

A: No, they are not renewed automatically. If you have bought your card through a sales office in your country, you should receive a call or a letter with question of renewal just before your current card expires. If not, then you are most welcome to renew your card online or by phone 6309400.


Q: Why would any hotel offer 50% off their rates?

A: Very few hotels have full or nearly full occupancy. Instead of leaving the rooms empty, they are selling them to Hotel Express members at half price. After all it is better to make 50% than loose 100%. The rooms are there anyway and it is a waste to let them remain empty. Not only the hotels are making money on this, but the members are also saving 50% at the same time. Smart, eh? We know, and that is why we experience such an increase in members and hotels.